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His & Hers Piggy Bank

Product Description
Have you always worried that your other half's spending is a bit out of control? Perhaps you have a wedding or once-in-a-lifetime holiday to pay for, and he keeps coming home with daft things that he doesn't need... You have a joined bank account that he's not allowed anywhere near but maybe it's time you gave him some financial responsibility? 

Well, these adorable his and her piggy banks are the perfect way to keep your shared money cute and romantic. The cream 'Hers' piggy bank is about double the size (naturally) and the 'His' is black and dinky so he can't go too wild! With fluttery lashes, this adorable piggy couple will be sure to keep hold of your hard-earned cash...

But wait a minute... there may be some dodgy dealings going on here... Ask yourself why every time he puts money in his, it ends up in yours!? It's because there is no plastic bung to stop it! Oh well, he'll never know! 

Dimensions (approx.): H19.2 x W16.4 x D12 cm

Material: China
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