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His & Hers Superhero Socks - Choice Of 3

Product Description
If the promise of a weekly comic as a child always had you sprinting to the shops, or the talk of the latest remake of your favourite film has you pre-booking cinema tickets, we know your love for superheroes probably hasn't faltered! So it's no wonder that your other half shares the love of your fictional friends!

And while their bookcase may be filled with vintage copies of Batman and your trusty Wonder Woman work mug always stands proud on your desk, why stop there? We're not suggesting you don a cape and rock up to work in a Lycra bodysuit (that may be frowned upon!) but we think our His & Hers Superhero Socks will be right up your street! 

Made from luxury cotton with a jacquard detail, the set includes four pairs of socks, two for him and two for her and you can choose your favourite dynamic duo to give your feet the treatment they deserve! 

A great gift for your comic-obsessed loved one, whatever the occasion! 

Contents: 1x His & Hers set includes four pairs of socks - two pairs of male and two pairs of female.

Superhero Options: Batman & Batgirl, Joker & Harley Quinn or Superman & Supergirl

Please Note: Two pairs will feature the male superhero and the other two will feature their female sidekick.

Material: Cotton, Elastene

Size: Male: 7-11 Female: 4-7
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