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Horse Dress Up Mask

Product Description
Do you ever have those days where you look in the mirror and think 'I can not go out in to the world looking like this'? Perhaps it's a 'morning after the night before' scenario, or just a snoozed alarm that has done this to you, but there's no time to mope, your busy social life (aka work) calls. 

Never find yourself worrying about your face and hair faux pas and invest in this rather dashing horse head mask. Yes OK, so technically it should belong in your dressing up box, but needs must from time to time... 

Don this realistic brown rubber head and transform yourself in to half human, half wide-eyed steed in a matter of seconds. The fake fur main catching the wind elegantly as you canter to the bus stop. Avoid the inevitable 'Oh, you look tired' comments from colleagues and travel inconspicuously until you can get your hands on some face wash! 

Alternatively, you could just use it for Halloween, it's up to you! 

Safety information: Not suitable for those allergic to latex. Open nostrils and mouth for sight. 

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