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How To Drink & Not Look Like An Idiot Book

Product Description
We all have that friend who has a few drinks with dinner and, before you know it, they're up on the table dancing the macerena! The next morning they have no knowledge of the previous night's events, but one thing they are sure of is that they're still wearing their clothes (including shoes) and the living room smells like a liquor store! 

Is there any cure for such brutal hangovers? Perhaps not, but how about if they could learn what and how to drink in order to avoid such horrendous morning-after-the-night-before experiences? 

This book, entitled 'How To Drink And Not Look Like An Idiot' answers all the questions we once thought were unanswerable. The art of drinking, if you will. What drinks should you pair with what food? How can you stop yourself from getting a hangover? And even, how to arrange the best drinks cabinet! 

A great gift for someone who likes their booze but can't enjoy it as much without the fear of the next day. Perfect for milestone birthdays, you can soften the blow of turning a certain age with reassurance that they can still blow off steam once in a while! 

Dimensions: 18.6 x 12.3cm

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