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Hugs Comforter

Product Description
The comfort felt from their favourite cuddly toy is priceless to your baby. The softness of the material against their skin, plus the friendly recognisable face awaiting some serious cuddle time. 

This beautiful comforter has both the feel of a warming blanket and the companionship of a cuddly toy. The head of the lovely bear, from the 'Hugs' family, pokes out cutely surrounded by soft material that your little one can snuggle up with. 

Available in baby blue or pink, it has 'Love and Hugs' stitched on to it in a script-like font, with white stars surrounding it, giving it a relaxing edge, perfect for nap time. 

Dimensions (approx.): 24 x 24cm

Care instructions: Hand-wash using warm water

Colour choice: Pink or blue 
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