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'I am Very Busy' Pouch/Pencil Case

Product Description
Us girls live fast lives, what with working and playing hard we need to make sure we have all the provisions we could possibly need from dawn until dusk. From sketching pencils to eyebrow pencils, and everything we need to transform ourselves from day to night time us, a hard-working vessel is a necessity. 

This stylish pouch has a yellow zip across the top. White on one side, it reads 'I'm Very Busy' in a black font, whereas the other side is a simple plain pink. 

Halt your 'very busy' life and revitalise yourself with the goodies you fill it with and you'll be sure to feel like a star. You can even store pens in case someone asks you for your signature!

Dimensions (approx.): 22.2 x 10.2cm

Material: Front: Lightweight leatherette. Back: Shiny leatherette

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