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'I Love You Dad' Binary Keyring

Product Description
Buying gifts for your parents can be a tough task. What can you think of that they haven't already got? Is there anything they've hinted at recently? No? Well, how about the one thing that they never tire of hearing?  

Don't just tell your dad you love him, show him with this unique keyring. If you're both not big fans of soppiness, but you'd like a way for him to be reminded how loved he is, then this silver beauty engraved with the binary code would be the perfect fit. 

What is the binary code, I hear you cry? Used in mathematics and digital electronics a binary number is expressed in the binary numeral system represented by two symbols, usually zero (0) and one (1). So, to most passers-by it would look like an uncrackable code that only you and him understand. Engraved with the code to spell 'I Love You Dad', you can both pretend it's your own secret language. 

With a card included to help the recipient work out the code, this is the gift that just keeps on giving. 

Tag dimensions: 3 x 2.5cm

Ring dimensions: 2.4cm

Material: Pewter tag. Stainless steel split ring

The piece comes complete with a gift box along with a card for the recipient to decipher the message themselves. 
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