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In Your Sixties And Still Crazy! Book

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Product Description
The swingin' sixties was a great decade, full of vibrancy and style. So why should a 60th birthday be any different? If you know someone struggling to come to terms with the fact they're approaching their sixth decade, then why not make them laugh on their birthday?

This humorous book is full of funny quotes and insights into the trials and tribulations of growing old. With quotes like 'Everything slows down with age, except the speed at which cake and ice cream take to reach your hips.' It's brilliant for making people laugh who can't accept the way their body adapts with age. 

Also great for those who do not feel the age they are, Jonathon Swift makes a great point, 'Every man wants to live long, but no man wants to be old'. 

An unusual and unique 60th birthday gift that's a great read for an ageing companion or relative, the burnt orange cover is influenced by the fashion of the sixties, with a purple flower icon and 'peace' sign. 

Dimensions: H18.4 x W11.7 x D1.9cm 

Format: Hardback

Pages: 160
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