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Inflatable Beard

Product Description
We know that the beard boom is no match for an avid beard grower! 

There's a certain sense of pride that comes with sporting that bristly bush. From the frequent wolf-whistles you receive as you sip at your soya cappuccino at a hipster coffee shop, to the look you get from the shop assistant when you go to restock your supply of beard oil - having a beard is no longer a fashion statement, it's a lifestyle don't you know! 

Yet for those who are (still!) waiting for their rate of facial-hair growth to pick up the pace, growing a beard just isn't feasible! Patience may well be a virtue, but after weeks of attempted growth, they're left with nothing but prickly fuzz and have been the butt of the joke all week at the office. 

It's time to go vinyl! Our inflatable beard is perfect for someone who's having some trouble with their stubble. Simply inflate it in a few seconds, attach it by the elastic straps and welcome the feeling of being bang on trend and suddenly more intelligent. Ponder life whilst stroking your chops and enjoy those wolf whistles! 

A novelty gift for a loved one who has yet to fully embrace their manhood, or a great way to jazz up a fancy dress outfit!

Dimensions: 24.1 x 14cm (deflated)

Material: Vinyl

Please note: This is not a toy
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