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Inflatable Ice Lolly

Product Description
With summer almost in sight, we know that you're probably already counting down the days until you can finally escape the typical British weather and be horizontal on a faraway beach...ah bliss! 

And while your wardrobe may be filled with this season's kaftans and kimonos, when it comes to poolside accessories, your rubber ring seems a little outdated...

Don't panic, our inflatable ice lolly is sure to make you the coolest in the pool!

With an orange, white and brown theme, the pool float is shaped like an ice cream lolly that looks (almost!) good enough to eat and is complete with a faux lolly stick. 

Measuring six foot in length and made from a durable vinyl, it's about to knock all other inflatables out of the water, quite literally!

It's easy to inflate and deflate and folds away neatly when you're not bobbing around on the water, looking effortlessly chic and cool!

 Length: 6 foot (1.52m) 

Material: Vinyl 

Capacity: Holds up to 90kg (200lbs)

Care instructions: Wipe clean with a damp cloth
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