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Intergalactic Egg Cup Set

Product Description
From the deepest reaches of space, comes a gift that is ideal for eggheads and kitchen enthusiasts. The Intergalactic Egg Cup Set makes an out of this world addition to any home.

The first cup, called the 'eggsplorer' is made in the shape of a white flying saucer and an egg can be placed in the top. Even when it's empty, it can double for a toy as your child imagines they're an astronaut blasting off to see far away planets.

The second cup is called 'eggbot' and is crafted into a robot's body. Both models come with stylish and colourful boxes to set them apart. 

So whether you're gearing up for a sci-fi film marathon, or want some quirky decoration for your kitchen, these egg cups are an eggsciting gift. 


Eggsplorer H8.88 x W3.57 x D8.88cm, Packaging H11.1 x W10.12 x D11.22cm

Eggbot H5.5 x W5.5 x D6cm

Packaging H7.5 x W12.0 x D7.4 cm

Material:  Ceramic

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