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Keep It Real Party Banner Necklace

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Product Description
Honesty is always the best policy - didn't your Mum ever tell you? 

We all know that one person who likes to embellish their life, pretending they're living it up in a four star hotel on a faraway island when really, they're sat on a rainy beach in Wales. 

It's not cool, guys. You've got to embrace whatever life gives you - even when it's a cone of soggy chips. 

For your pals who like to stretch the truth now and again - we've got just the gift. Our Keep It Real Necklace makes the perfect statement! The necklace is gold plated with pastel pink enamel lettering, in a party banner style and comes in a cute, neon pink gift box. 

A gift that offers life advice and makes a fashion statement, what more could you ask for?! 

Size: Lettering: 1cm Necklace: Adjustable

Material: Necklace: 18-Carat Gold Plated, Lettering: Enamel

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