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Keyboard Lights

Product Description
When you're sat at your desk all day, which button do you feel like you press the most? Whether on purpose or by accident. There's nothing worse than typing out a beautifully written paragraph, only to lean on the 'Delete' button and erase it all! Nightmare! 

These days we rely on our computers for so much, and our obsessions don't just stop at the office. We are all guilty of spending a lot of time typing away on our keyboards, but who can blame us when there's such a huge digital world out there! 

Pay homage to your computer chums with these lights in the style of a keyboard button. Available in Ctrl, Del, Esc and Shift versions you can hang it up on the wall to glow in all its glory! A great gift idea for a technology lover or computer genius. 

Dimensions: 15 x 13 cm

Requires 3 AA batteries

Design choices: Ctrl, Del, Esc & Shift

Care instructions: Not suitable for children under 3 years
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