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Kitchen Cargo Containers

Product Description
Brewing up can often be an arduous task, can't it? From filling up the kettle, rooting in the cupboard for teabags, coffee and sugar and then, of course, there's the hut for a teaspoon... you'll need another brew just thinking about it! 

What you need is a designated area for all of your beverage supplies, and no, we don't mean the cupboard! Why hide away the very thing that puts a smile on your face after a stressful morning? Tea, coffee and sugar are precious cargo! With our kitchen cargo containers you can display your tea, coffee and sugar with pride on any worktop. Each container comes in an eye-catching blue, red and yellow plastic and reads 'Tea', 'Coffee' or 'Sugar' in a white font with a tea leaf, coffee bean and sugar cane icon and is complete with a lid.

Beverage brewing will never be the same! 

Dimensions: 58x 42x 30cm

Material: Plastic
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