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Knackered Mothers Wine Club Book

Product Description
You're coming to the last of the aisles of your weekly shop, with trolley full and toddler on the brink of a tantrum. If you act fast, there might be just enough time to pick up a bottle of plonk to enjoy once the little one is fast asleep - especially post-tantrum!

If your idea of buying a nice bottle of wine is dashing down the alcohol aisle and picking up whatever Chardonnay they have on offer whilst simultaneously trying to prevent an outburst, then we've got the perfect gift! 

Our 'The Knackered Mother's Wine Club' is your go-to guide for busy mums who enjoy a glass of the good stuff after a day filled with tears, tantrums and teething! We know that it's all too easy to stick with what you know and go for the same dry white, but this guide is sure to transform any future wine experiences! 

From tasting notes to matching wine with food, you'll soon become familiar with the wine world and a bit of a wine aficionado, if we do say so ourselves. With wine tips for parties, weddings and dinner parties, you'll soon learn which grapes are the crowd-pleasers, what red to serve with your Sunday lunch and exactly how to match wine with chocolate (we're sold!) 

Go on, join the club...The Knackered Mother's Wine Club! 

Format: Hardback

Pages: 256 

Dimensions: H21.6 x W13.5cm
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