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Knit Your Own Bear

Product Description
Love knitting but tired of the same old scarves? There's only so many grandma can wear in one winter before she could open up a fully-fledged shop! 

Extend your talent to that of cuddly toys and teddy bears with this beautiful old-fashioned knit-your-own kit. In a brown cardboard box with a vintage-inspired design on the label, it comes with knitting yarn, needles, black thread and a ribbon to cutely tie round Ted's neck. Also included is stuffing, making the toy a lovely, personal gift for a newborn. 

A great present for a creative soul or grandma-to-be.

Cream knitting yarn
Bamboo knitting needles (4mm)
Stuffing for teddy
Black thread and needle
Ribbon to tie around the neck
Label to add the finishing touch
Instructions to follow

Please note: This product is for medium skilled knitters 
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