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Knit Your Own Booties

Product Description
Have you just heard the news you've been waiting years for? Finally, you're going to be a grandma! All you can think about is what you're going to buy first. Their first teddy? An adorable outfit? An abundance of toys for them to play with? Hang on though, you have nine months to wait... perhaps you should think about this. 

If you've always said you'd like to be the type of grandparent that knitted for her grandchildren then while you've got some spare time, why not get started? Let us help... 

This beautiful Knit Your Own Booties kit makes embarking on the seemingly impossible task, so much easier. Open up the lovely nostalgia-inducing box which uses a very old-fashioned print, and find a cream knitting yarn and a set of 4mm bamboo knitting needles. And for any novices out there, an instruction manual. 

By the time the baby arrives there'll be no need to buy clothes, you'll be a genius knitter, making everything for them! 

Enjoy your new hobby... 
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