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Large Champagne Glass

Product Description
It wouldn't be a proper celebration without popping the cork of a nice bottle of bubbly and sipping from champagne flutes. There's something about the clinking of glass and the cluster of bubbles rising to the top that is very exciting. 

However, do you often feel like a simple flute is not quite enough? After a few sips you're almost at the bottom of the glass and on your way for a top up... in the mean time, the stranger you were locked in an enthralling conversation with has moved on to someone new and you're stranded alone at the bar...

Put a stop to these scary social situations and go big next time you're having a party. This Large Champagne Glass has room for a whole bottle of fizz! Yes, you heard that correctly, a whole bottle. 

The perfect gift for a friend who never orders anything without bubbles.

Capacity: 750ml (75cl)

Material:  Glass

Care instructions: Hand-wash recommended 

Please drink responsibly -
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