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Legs Talk Tights

Product Description
Do you ever walk out of the house and wonder if your skirt is just that bit too short? Should you turn back round and get changed or can you pull it off? We're sure you look great, but if you want to stop such a fashion conundrum happening again then why not invest in these super cool black tights? 

With a list of words from 'Dangerous' to 'Demure' with a bit of 'Cheeky' and 'Seductive' mixed in for good measure, they act as a marker for how short it actually is. The best friend a girl can have, because they won't shy away from giving it to you straight. If what you're wearing is too skimpy, you'll know about it. 

A great idea and quirky fashion statement, you can dress them however you like. 

Denier: 140

Size: One

Style: Footless 
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