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Lid Sid

Product Description
Not all men are useless in the kitchen! Lid Sid is a very handy chap to have around whenever you're cooking. He's always happy to help with dinner, and he'll never grumble or mess up your cooking. He will always be happy to help, stopping pans of rice and noodles from boiling over. 

Simply pop Sid over the side of your pan and under the lid to give the contents a bit of air. You can choose to position him either face or bottom outwards (no one will judge), and allow him to quietly assist for hours.

For times when Lid Sid needs a rest, or when you have two pans that need a hand, you'll find that Sid number two is a bonus as there's a red and a white Sid in each pack - so you'll have all the help you need.

Dimensions: H5.2 x W13.2 x D7.9cm

Please note: Not suitable for children under 3 years
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