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Little Black Dress - Jewellery Organiser

Product Description
There's nothing worse than tangled jewellery when you're getting ready to go out. All you want to do is select the perfect accessory to complete your look, but it's buried in a rat's nest of chains and beads.

Make these fashion catastrophes a thing of the past with the truly fabulous Little Black Dress. This ingenious gift single-handedly solves all your jewellery storage problems. Shaped just like a pretty black dress, it hangs neatly in the wardrobe alongside your favourite frocks. 

Featuring a multitude of handy compartments, all the bracelets, bangles, and earrings can be kept completely separate from one another, avoiding any unwanted tangling and making them incredibly easy to access at a moment's notice. There's even some velcro hanging loops on the back so you can display and store pendants and necklaces.

Dimensions: (46.5 cm x 107 cm)
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