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Magic Eight Ball

Product Description
Is there someone that you always go to to ask difficult questions and help you make difficult decisions? Someone who's opinion means a lot to you and whom you would trust with anything?

We've all leant on the mighty decision-making ability of a magic 8 ball in the past. Hoping that anything it comes out with is fluke or a stab in the dark. Unless, of course, it replies with something positive, then we're all 100% behind its outcome!

Simply shake the shiny black sphere while asking it a question, and flip it over to reveal the answer. Now, perhaps leave the million dollar questions alone, we wouldn't want its response to be blamed for break-ups, the quitting of jobs, or worse, the purchase of that very expensive motorbike or pair of shoes your other half forbid you from buying. 

Dimensions: 11cm (diameter)

Customer Reviews
Ian Goacher
Great ideas at excellent prices
By Ian Goacher from SWADLINCOTE, Derbyshire
Emma Roeton
Very user friendly site
By Emma Roeton from LEEK, Staffordshire
Gillian Fairbrass
Bought the Marvell book last year for my grandson he loves it. Always asks me to read it. He also reads it himself
By Gillian Fairbrass from HULL
David McKay
Great easy to use site , i was able to see the final product before ordering. Thank you Getting Personal
By David McKay from BEDFORD
Mary Garrett
Very good website.
By Mary Garrett from ILFORD, Essex
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