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Magic Eight Ball

Product Description
Is there someone that you always go to to ask difficult questions and help you make difficult decisions? Someone who's opinion means a lot to you and whom you would trust with anything?

We've all leant on the mighty decision-making ability of a magic 8 ball in the past. Hoping that anything it comes out with is fluke or a stab in the dark. Unless, of course, it replies with something positive, then we're all 100% behind its outcome!

Simply shake the shiny black sphere while asking it a question, and flip it over to reveal the answer. Now, perhaps leave the million dollar questions alone, we wouldn't want its response to be blamed for break-ups, the quitting of jobs, or worse, the purchase of that very expensive motorbike or pair of shoes your other half forbid you from buying. 

Dimensions: 11cm (diameter)

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