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Magic Poo

Product Description
Rubbish week? Has the stress begun to pile up at work, and you're struggling to find ways of letting off steam? Sometimes just giving something a good old squeeze is enough. And don't they say 'laughter is the best medicine?' Well, don't we have the solution for you then... 

This Magic Poo stress putty looks exactly as you would expect. Like a poo! Pretty disgusting really. Squeeze it when your boss dumps another hefty workload on your desk or pop outside and bounce it like a ball to try and relieve any relentless pressure. Alternatively, you could use this further to your relief in the form of hilarious pranks! 

Naturally, finding a pile of something nasty on the floor is not something anyone enjoys, it often leads to high-pitched screeches or high-octane leaps out of the way. So what could be better than using this squidgy silly putty, that looks exactly like a number two, to wind up your colleagues!? Let all your anger out as you squeeze away your stress, before leaving it in places people could find it to freak them out! 

In a little pot, this realistic prank poop can be bounced, melted, stretched or shattered. 

Please note: This item is NOT edible. It is not a toy & not suitable for children. 

Care instructions: Store in the container to keep in good condition
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