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Magical World Journal - Dragon

Product Description
Whilst exploring in a magical kingdom, you need your wits about you. The ancient crags and caves hide mysterious and dangerous creatures. You must stay quiet and nimble, with a weapon at your side. After all, through the rocks you might just find a dragon lurking out of sight...

Our stunning and unique Magical World Journals will captivate any child's imagination. This 128 page journal is filled with page after page for your child to record their own incredible adventures, stories and drawings. 

The pages are bordered with lovely illustrations to fire their imagination; telling the story of the ancient dragon's escape and rampage around an old castle! 

The journal's cover is made from beautiful, hand-painted soft plastic, and features a highly detailed 3D sculpture of the dragon bursting through the castle's stone walls. On the front you can see the dragon's fearsome claws and piercing yellow eye, while the back cover features its scaly, serpentine tail. This is one book that you really can judge by its cover!


• 128 pages, each with a border or small illustration
• Stunning, hand-painted 3D soft plastic cover
• Size: 22cm x 14cm
• Not suitable for children under 3 years
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