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Magical World Journal - Unicorn

Product Description
Deep in the forest, far away from humans, lies a beautiful and magical meadow. This enchanted glade is filled with colourful flowers and singing birds, but it is also home to a much rarer and more mysterious creature. Famously elusive and shy, the peaceful Unicorn is said to grant wishes to those who are kind and pure of heart.

Our stunning and unique Magical World Journals will captivate any child's imagination. This 128 page journal is filled with page after page for your child to record their own incredible adventures, stories and drawings. 

The pages are bordered with lovely illustrations to fire their imagination; telling the story of a little girl and her chance meeting with a magical unicorn. 

The journal's cover is made from beautiful, hand-painted soft plastic, and features a highly detailed 3D sculpture of the elusive unicorn, peeping its head out from behind a tree. On the front you can see the unicorn's face in between colourful pink flowers, while the back cover features some pretty birds perched in the meadow. This is one book that you really can judge by its cover!


• 128 pages, each with a border or small illustration
• Stunning, hand-painted 3D soft plastic cover
• Size: 22cm x 13cm
• Not suitable for children under 3 years
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