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Make Your Own Zombie Movie

Product Description
Ever wondered what the world would be like if a zombie apocalypse took hold and filled the streets with the wandering wounded? Out for blood, the un-dead would roam, barging their way through shops and businesses looking for their next feed. 

This all sounds ever-so dramatic, but with this Make Your Own Zombie Movie, that's exactly what you want! Capture the drama of a zombie-ridden street with this brilliant kit. Containing a street backdrop and zombie proof car, ready for you to construct, it also comes with lots of sheets of zombies, human heroes and other various props.

Help to save the town as the heroes fight their way through the hoards to help people survive the blood-thirsty monsters. Simply set the scene with the cardboard props and film your movie on your camera phone. Then you can upload it and compete with fellow directors! 

A great way to be creative and test whether you've got what it takes to make it in the film industry! They do tell you never to work with children and zombies, right? 

Dimensions: 20cm x 29cm x 3cm

Age: Suitable for 6 years +
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