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Man Bar Tools

Product Description
Every woman loves a man who can put up her shelves, fix her washing machine, or replace the tyre on her car, right? But it would also be nice to get home after a long, hard day to glass of something delicious to make the stresses of the day just slip away. 

What if this super-human chap could put his fine craftsmanship to good use in the form of a cocktail masterclass? You've pitched it before and got nothing but a sarcastic stare back, but what if he could do it and really get his hands dirty? 

We're talking, slicing lemons with giant saws (none of that knife malarkey), opening bottle tops with hammers (who needs bottle openers anyway) and presenting the garnish on screws (none of those puny wooden cocktail sticks!). 

Entice your man into the kitchen with this testosterone-fueled fiesta of bar tools, all tucked up nicely in their very own tool box, and reap the rewards of his newly-acquired cocktail skills, while admiring his fine workmanship from afar! 

Drink Tool Kit with foam inserts to keep products securely in place
Cocktail Hammer Bottle Opener
Saw Cutter
Nail Cocktail Sticks
Screwdriver Corkscrew
Wallpaper Scraper Strainer
Measuring Cup

Box dimensions: H28.5 x W34 x D6cm
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