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Martin Baxendale The Cat Owner's Survival Guide

Product Description
Cats and kittens can be cute, cuddly bundles of adorable furry fun, can't they? They can be perfect pets and soothing companions...

They can also be evil little demons from the very darkest recesses! Sent to plague our every waking moment (and some of our sleeping ones) with a catalogue of malevolent mischief, wilful destruction, wailing noisiness, satanic sneakiness and disgusting smelliness!

Make a cat lover or first-time cat owner giggle with this little book filled with witty tips and hints on how to handle their moggy. If they love their cat to bits but every now and then get an almost irresistible urge to scream, then they'll adore The Cat Owner's Survival Guide!

Number of pages: 31

Dimensions: H15 x W21cm
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