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Martin Baxendale Women Are Wonderful, Men Are A Mess

Product Description
The difference between men and women? Find out with this tongue-in-cheek, illustrated book! Women Are Wonderful, Men Are A Mess tells you all about the real difference between men and women, and exactly why men drive women nuts!

For years, women have accurately discussed just exactly what's wrong with men, and now these profound views have been compiled into this handy and hilarious little gift book.

Perfect for a long-suffering better half, they're sure to be in stitches reading all of the faults and failings of the men they have to put up with every day!

Please note that some cartoons are of an adult nature.

Number of pages: 48 
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100% would recommend this to a friend

/ 5
Great funny wedding present
A funny look at the world of men and women, a nice change from a traditional wedding present,
By Ange R from Tamworth
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