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Martin Baxendale Your Pregnancy - A Survival Guide

Product Description
Pregnancy can be a wonderful, exciting and truly joyful experience for both you and your partner. A magical time full of shared adventures, happy plans and the constant thrill of anticipation as you look forward to the arrival of your baby.

However, while you wait for that special day (or special middle-of-the-night) some of the side-effects of this wonderful, joyful magical and all-round thrilling experience (like morning sickness, backache, and stretchmarks) can, we have to admit, turn out to be a bit of a pain...

And that's why, at the very top of your pregnancy shopping list should be this incredibly useful and instructive survival guide! It's simply packed with handy tips and hints to help you get through it all with your sanity intact, your partner still talking to you!

Please note that some cartoons are of an adult nature.

Number of pages: 31 pages
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