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Mega Amp Induction 2000

Product Description
When you're hooked on a song and can't get enough, you just want to shout it from the rooftops. You make sure all your friends know how good it is and use any opportunity to play it... 

But when you switch it on, everyone's faces drop a bit... 'It sounds a bit tinny' says one listener. The disappointment that ensues all comes down to your phone not doing such a tune justice, no matter how great the technology, nothing sounds better than through proper speakers!

This innovative Mega Amp Induction 2000 looks like, and has all the fire power of, a normal amplifier, at a fraction of the size, meaning you can carry some serious sound without lugging the weighty real deal around with you. Powered by either USB or batteries, simply place your mobile device on top of it and hear it work its magic. 

Great for parties, barbecues and smaller venues alike, you'll be able to get some serious sound whenever and wherever you need it. 

Dimensions: H11.5 x W14 x D7cm

Contents: Induction speaker, audio cable, USB cable and instructions

Powered by battery or USB

Please note: Smartphone not included 

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