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Megaphone Drinking Hat

Product Description
When you're having a beer do you often wish you had hands free to do other things? There's nothing worse than having to walk through crowds of people, only to get to your destination with half the pint gone and the other spilled over the floor. 

This brilliant hard hat will change the world of drinking for good. Featuring two can holders and straws that stretch to the mouth, it also has a microphone attached so you can raise the alarm and your drinking buddies can head to the bar for a refuel. Complete with a police siren, phone ring, dog bark, white noise and car crash sound, it will be impossible for anyone to ignore you at the bar. 

A great addition to a stag or hens party that will be sure to get you served first! 

Dimensions: H26 x W17.5 x D26.5cm

9v battery required but not supplied
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