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Men's Ironing Board Cover

Product Description
We all know what a chore doing the ironing can be. The ever-growing pile of laundry that's sitting on the dining table awaiting attention never seems to go away. And, despite being a bit of a domestic god, the husband seems fully allergic to going anywhere near it! Of course, no one likes the idea of tackling a task that involves a boiling hot, fairly heavy implement, unprepared. 

Why not get the ball rolling and gift your iron-fearing hubby with this amusing board cover? Divided in to sections that tell you where and how to lay different articles of clothing, when he uses this he'll be sure to leave no collar, sleeve or button hole creased. 

The blue cotton cover has a square print all over, with white and perforated lines, indicating where to put the clothing. Its style looks like something you would find on the cutting room floor of a design studio, making for a cool but helpful guide. 

After using this, he'll be so good, he'll never be able to get out of tackling the mountainous piles again. 

Dimensions: Fits ironing boards up to 122 x 38 cm  (48" x 15")  (4mm foam padded cover)

Material: Heat-resistant padded cotton with ironing instructions printed on the board

Please note: We'd advise you measure your ironing board before you buy. 
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