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Microwavable Soft Toy - Monkey

Product Description

All children have their favourite toy that they snuggle up to when they're tired or need comforting. When they're crying and all upset, it's always their favourite toy that comes to the rescue and manages to calm them down and send them off to sleep.

With that in mind, can you imagine how comforted your little one would feel with their favourite toy warmed up and releasing a soothing scent?

This cute little Monkey is not only soft and cuddly, he can also be popped in the microwave for a couple of minutes to be warmed up. Once warm, Monkey releases a relaxing lavender scent which will help restore calm and encourage a good night's sleep.

The perfect cuddly companion for any little monkey...

Age: 3+

Size (approx.): 10"

Heating instructions: Can be microwaved for up to 2 minutes (depending on microwave category please refer to instructions included)

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