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Mighty Purse Phone Charger Handbag - iPhone

Product Description
How many times have you wandered around the office trying to find someone with a spare phone charger? (No, we don’t want to admit to being that person either) But you plead and plead until, finally, someone gives in and lends you their charger – then asks for it back five minutes later. And you’re frustratingly pushed back to square one…enough phone battery to last for about 10 minutes, and it’s only 9.15am...

Well, now’s your chance to be the smug person with a fully charged phone! This nifty little leather purse features a high-capacity battery and micro-USB cable so that you can charge your device on the go. And the battery is tucked into a chic purse, so there’s no need to fret about carrying a huge, ugly power pack either.

The Mighty Purse can also be used to charge your tablet or e-reader, so the agony of settling into your seat at the start of a 5-hour train journey, only to find out that your e-book is no more, can be banished!

Fusing fashion with technology, the battery inside the elegant Mighty Purse can recharge your smartphone up to 2x per charge. There are 4 LED lights on the battery to let you know how much power your purse still has, and you simply plug the purse’s cable into your computer USB port or power adapter to recharge it

An ideal gift for those fashion-conscious friends who can’t be parted from their tech gadgets, the Mighty Purse is crafted from leather with a smart black gloss finish. It's small enough to pop into your everyday handbag and features a main zip compartment with a detachable carry handle, and an embossed 'HB' logo at one corner. Inside, you’ll find a credit card slot, a small zip compartment for coins and the cable compartment.

The bag comes with a micro-USB cable, which will connect to your iPhone.

Material (purse): Leather

Battery: Lithium-ion Polymer battery (battery capacity: 4000mAh)

Dimensions: H12.5cm x W20cm x  D2.5cm

Weight: 200g

Please note: This purse is suitable for iPhones onlyFor Android mobile phones, please see the Mighty Purse Phone Charger Handbag - Android Smartphone.
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