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Mix Tape 1GB USB Cassette Tape

Product Description
The USB Mix Tape is a 1GB memory stick housed in an old school-style cassette case. In true nostalgic style, the USB stick can be re-used as often as required!

With the rise of MP3, digital and something called the ‘cloud’ (whatever that is); the humble cassette took a bow and retired itself to car boot sales and quirky indie comedy films. You may not miss the crackly sound, questionable music or tangled spools but there was something magical about making a mix tape, wasn't there? 

Just pick out your essential tracks on your computer, drag and drop onto the USB stick, then scrawl your play list on the cover provided. Place the USB stick in the cassette tape cover and present to your lucky loved one.

Dimensions: Tape Cover: H6.5 x W10 x D1cm; USB stick: H4.5 x W1.5 x D0.7cm

Please note: Colour and design may vary.
Customer Reviews (11)

100% would recommend this to a friend

/ 5
USB mix tape! ace idea
Easy to upload music to, enjoyed making a play list, of all our songs that reminds me of my partner. He was blown away by this as so much thought had gone into it. Great for all occasion, on this occasion it was our anniversary...
By Seashell from Ipswich Suffolk
/ 5
Great Personalised Gift
Lovely gift, very easy to use and well designed. Packaging could be a little sturdier but overall very pleased with the item.
By DanielJW from Manchester
/ 5
Great Purchase
Looking for something unusual for an anniversary gift for my husband. This is brilliant. Easy to use and I know he'll love it!
By mitchelin from North Yorkshire
/ 5
Great purchase but...
Be careful if you are putting itunes songs on the USB stick. You will need to add their computer to your account's authorised computers so they can play the songs (in "store" on the top menu). Other than that, a great little retro present bringing back many happy old memories of cassettes.
By DBDee from Harpenden, Hertfordshire
/ 5
Unique present
This was a great gift for her while I was away. Just made a playlist of songs which bring memories up and sent the whole mixtape to her. She was so excited almost crying on the phone. Great gift..
By callevra from London
/ 5
A really cool gift idea!
I have aways loved this website and I often buy my friends and family the calenders. I was stuck for a gift idea for my husband for Valentines Day so decided to take a look. I found the mixed tape and loved it. It was really easy to put the music on and my husband loved it! Thanks again Getting helped me again!
By PauletteE from Milton Keyens
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