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Money Laundering Bag

Product Description
Taking your clothes to the launderette isn't the most stylish of tasks. No one likes airing their dirty laundry in public as they plod through the streets with it in a difficult-to-carry bag, constantly under threat of it all falling out on to the pavement. 

This brilliant green bag boasts the image of stacks of dollars tied together with golden strips. The drawstring at the top means you don't have to worry about anyone finding your dirty dealings inside, and makes you feel like the urban trend-setter you are, as you sport it in public. 

With plenty of room, it doesn't matter how long you've left the chores, you can fit a huge amount in it, to get it all done in one transaction. 

A great gift for students and professionals alike. 

Dimensions: 28" x 36" 

Care instructions: Machine washable 

Locking drawstring and tear resistant fabric. 
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