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Moustache Grooming Kit

Product Description
He’s had it since he was 14, it’s pretty impressive and he will never ever let it go, what are we talking about? Your dad’s moustache! It really is a magnificent masterpiece and he wouldn't be him without it. 

This Father’s Day if you’re thinking of unique ideas for gifts to buy your fashionista papa then this handy Moustache Grooming Kit is sure to make his fancy facial hair twitch with happiness. 

With a set of sharp scissors to tame any fly-aways, a comb to keep it all in order, and a tub of wax to make it soft to the touch, you can make his enjoyment of inquisitively stroking it as he talks, even better. As well as that, he will feel a full-fledged member of the Men’s Society, with the additional card included. All tucked neatly in to a pocket sized metal tin. 

The kit contains: 100% natural moustache wax, handmade Kent moustache plastic comb and stainless steel scissors. 

Dimensions:  Box: W6 x L9.5 x H2.1 cm. Scissors: 8.6cm. Moustache wax: 12g. Comb 7.5cm long.

Wax Ingredients: Bees wax, coconut oil, and vitamin E. 

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