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Mum's Breakfast In Bed Tray

Product Description
On a dreary weekday morning we all often dream of enjoying a crumpet or two under the protection of our soft and inviting duvets. We don't have to get up before the sun, so we all desperately try to make the most of it. Your mum, however, gets up during the hours that should not be spoken of, simply to get things ready before the patter of feet and the rumble of hungry tummies bundles down the stairs. 

This Mother's Day (yes you can take that as your reminder), why not flip things round and present her with the greatest gift of all? A lie in and her favourite breakfast treats, all in one place...bed. 

Make things extra special when you set it all out on this beautiful tray. The dusky pink base has a white border. A large lace-effect doily icon sits centrally, big enough to fit a plate, and reads 'Breakfast in bed for the best mum in the world'. At the top left there is a small circular perforated line with 'Vase' written in the centre, so you can be sure not to forget to fill it with a pretty flower. 

The top right boasts a larger perforated circle reading 'Tea/Coffee' to place your, yes you guessed it, tea or coffee on! At the bottom right there is a large arrow pointing up to a smaller 'Emergency Button', beneath which it reads 'Can you smell burning? Press here to summon fire brigade', because we all know what you're like in the kitchen! Make sure you carry it in the right way round, because at the top it says 'Adoring Family' either side of two arrows pointing in your direction. 

The perfect gift for the hard-working mum, reverse rolls and wait on her this coming Mother's Day. 

Dimensions: 42 x 29.5 cm
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