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My Bling Ceramic Catch-All Tray

Product Description
We all know what it's like to get in from a night out or hard day at work, desperate to throw on your pajamas and crawl into bed. The hours of standing up in those 6 inch heels and fashionably uncomfortable dress has taken it's toll! 

The problem is, we get so excited about such imminent comfort that we forget about the little things like our accessories! That poor ring that you used all remaining strength to fling onto the bed, has now landed somewhere to never be found again... 

Sounds like you could do with somewhere proper to hold such bling. Perhaps not a jewellery box (if you're honest, you'll never actually use it, will you?) This brilliant ceramic catch-all tray would be a great addition to your bedside table or vanity chest. Simply use it to 'catch all' of your discarded jewellery, keys and general meaningful accessories and the dipped design will keep them secure with minimum effort on your part!

With 'My Bling' written on the base in a playful black font, it has a gold image of a sparkling ring, making it perfect for the bedroom of a fashionable someone. 

Dimensions: 11cm x 11cm 

Material: Ceramic
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