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My Choc Pick ‘N’ Mix

Product Description
Remember when you were a child and you went down to the local sweet shop? The tubs were filled with mouth-watering candy of all flavours. Heck, you were spoilt for choice! These sweet extravaganzas still exist today where you can pick and choose from lots of different tubs.

But how about having your own personal supply?! 

Relive your childhood with this incredible pick 'n' mix collection that features nine fold down compartments. Each are stuffed with vintage sweets, ranging from white mice to foil chocolate footballs. 

Place it in your kitchen and enjoy the whopping amount of sugary goodness. When all of the sweets have been eaten you can restock the tubs. The pick 'n' mix comes with a set of tongs and five paper bags.

Dimensions (approx.): H26 x W17.5 x D9cm

Contents: Nine tubs, five paper bags, a set of tongs and nine starter packs of 40g chocolates. 

Sweets Included:  Mini speckled eggs, foil chocolate footballs, chocolate raisins, chocolate peanuts, pink pigs, white jazzies, chocolate jazzies, white mice and chocolate Brazil nuts.

Please note:  This gift contains nuts and is not suitable for children under 3 years.
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