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My Pregnancy Journal

Product Description
Pregnancy can be a wild ride. The excitement of actually finding out you're expecting can barely be sinking in, before the body starts to change and the cravings for chocolate-covered gherkins kicks in. 

It's always nice to keep track of such a unique time in your life and this wonderful hardback book makes doing just that, easy and enjoyable. With multiple sections offering advice on Preparing for Pregnancy, Care & Classes, Preparing for Baby, The First Trimester, Labour & Birth and The New Arrival, you can also note down musings, doodles, photographs and inspiration. 

A lovely future keepsake to give your little one when they're older, this will give them a wonderful insight into how their mother coped during pregnancy while being a constant reminder of the wonderful journey you took that lead to the birth of your beloved children! 

The turn of each page offers an outlet for feelings that may otherwise be difficult to portray, and is a must-have for women expecting! 

Dimensions: H25.5 x W20.9 x 3cm

Format: Hardback

Pages: 144

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