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Nail Clippers

Product Description
Why is it that when you're out and about, you always have a nail crisis?! 

We've all been there, whether you're on the bus and catch it as you're sitting down or your typing away at your desk and realise you've broken your favourite one, it always seems to happen when you least expect it (and don't have any nail clippers to hand!) 

Overcome any future nail nightmares with our nail clippers set! Made from stainless steel in a lovely copper colour, one clipper is shaped like a foot and the other is shaped like a hand, meaning you can have a designated pair for both of your extremities. 

Finished with a removable metal chain, the set is perfect for adding to your keys, so whenever you're on the move, you'll always be able to tackle any future nail breaks! A fun gift, whatever the occasion - they'll definitely want to get their hands (and feet) on them! 

Dimensions: Hand: 5cm, Foot: 8cm (approx.) 

Material: Stainless steel

Colour: Copper

Weight: 0.09kg (approx.)
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