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Note Me Pillow

Product Description
If you don't do it, does the housework never get done? When you leave the house in the morning do you know you'll get back to what looks like a bomb site? If you've exhausted all methods to get your house mate to tidy up after themselves then it seems like drastic measures may need to be taken. 

If they love to lounge on their days off, then why not use their favourite piece of furniture as bait? Of course, that doesn't mean kidnap the sofa and hold it for a ransom, instead why don't you invest in this Note Me Pillow? 

The minute they go to sit down and veg out on the sofa they'll be reminded that they have chores to do! How, you ask? Well this bright yellow pillow can be written on! Use the pen included to write reminders, lists and anything else that you will otherwise forget. Erase it by removing the pillowcase and rinsing under cold water, no need for soap. 

They'll soon get the message, but if they don't, perhaps kidnapping the sofa will! 

Dimensions: H35 x W35cm

Material: polyester

Care instructions: Rinse under cold water 

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