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Original Newspaper - Any Date

4.9 / 5

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5 / 5
Great purchase!
I was so happy with my purchase. It arrived when it said it would and was most impressive.
By Beap from London
5 / 5
Great Gift
I bought this for my Dad's 81st Birthday and he loves it!
By Sandra from Nottinghamshire
5 / 5
Beautiful personal gift
Different personal gift unseen by my family members sent in a beautiful gift box. This gift is very unique and represents the date of relevance (1954) very well
By Elsmith9 from Cambridgeshire
5 / 5
Wonderful gift
A gift for the one who has everything
By BonBon from Staffordshire
4 / 5
There is perhaps more interest in personal history than ever before as more and more of us research our families and the times in which they lived. Nothing brings that home so poignantly as reading the main news stories of the their birth year, or the actual newspaper printed on the day they were born. An aid to research and a perfect gift
By from Australia
5 / 5
Amazing present
Great present it was for my dads 65 birthday he loved it something to cherish
By Gurty from Herefordshire