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Personalised Academic Diary 2015/16 - Dear Maths

Product Description
Preparing for a new school or university year is a time to wave goodbye to weeks spent holidaying on a beach and sleeping in until noon and get back into a routine of eat, sleep, study, repeat! Which means one thing and one thing only - stationery shopping! 

If the promise of a new pencil case and gel pens is enough to get you up and at them before 12pm, we think our personalised diary will be a welcome addition to your new school bag! Featuring a stylish turquoise hardback design, the diary wittily reads 'Dear Maths, I Am Not A Therapist, Solve Your Own Problems, Yours Sincerely [Name & Surname]' in a cute white font. Add a name of your choice to ensure everyone knows who it belongs to.

Writing to-do lists and appointments has never been more fun!

What Can I Put On My Diary?

You can personalise it with a name of your choice, up to 20 characters.

Use our innovative preview feature to see how it will look with your personalisation. Simply type in your chosen words and press the Preview button. 

Format: Hardback

Pages: 125 pages

Dimensions: H21.6 x W14.7cm 

Diary Type: Week split over two pages with notes section at the bottom 

Diary Dates: 27th July 2015 to 31st July 2016

Additional Features: The diary also contains a personal data page, mini calendars, forward planners, weights and measurements and a religious calendar
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