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Personalised and Framed Gold Didi Disc

Personalised & Despatched in 14 Days
Product Description
Key Features:
  • Choose your colour combination
  • Add their favourite song!
Do you have a friend who’s always fancied themselves as the next Jagger? It’s scandalous that they've never been offered a record deal in their opinion and all they've ever wanted is to see their own name etched on a gold record. That’s not too much to ask, is it?  Well, not any more! If your singing sensation friend has a big birthday, anniversary or wedding coming up this gold disc would be the perfect way to mark it. 

Personalise it with their favourite track, or perhaps the hit they always say they wish they’d written. Underneath you can leave a loving message to make them smile or, perhaps, a motivational speech urging them not to give up on their dreams of stardom. Decide if you want their mythical career to go gold or platinum when choosing the disc colour, and mount it on a cream, black, red or blue background with a gold, silver or black frame. 

  • Personalise the frame with a loving message that will appear engraved on the plaque below the disc, in up to 160 characters. 
  • Frame -  H20 x W15cm  Disc - diameter 12cm
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