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Personalised Bicycle Repair Kit - For Her

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Product Description
Great things can happen when you’re on a bicycle. As the Sirs Chris Hoy and Bradley Wiggins proved, sporting glory awaits you on two wheels and in the case of Einstein, who thought of the theory of relatively while out on his bike, scientific immortality is just a pedal away.

Those are big cycling shorts to fill but if you know someone who’s caught the cycling bug, just make sure they start with the basics first; the clothes, lights and reflectors, a helmet and of course preparation should the worst happen and they break down.

Our nifty cycle repair kit is perfect for the future Laura Trotts and Vicky Pendletons out there. It contains:

• 15 piece multi-tool with 2 tyre levers
• Grater
• Glue
• Stickers
• Pouch with reflective trim

The pink and white label around the tin can also be personalised with any name and a special message across 2 lines.

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