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Personalised Book - Big Sisters Are Great

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Product Description
Most girls dream of having a big sister. Someone they can get style advice from, who can do their make up and talk to them about boys!

But from time to time being the younger has its downsides. You can only borrow her clothes when she says so, and woe betide anyone who raids her wardrobe without permission. She gets embarrassed when you try and join in with her and her friends and, worst of all, she never lets you borrow her hair straighteners for school so you have to either scrape it up or spend each day battling a big ball of frizz. 

A bit of sisterly competition never hurt anyone, and it's perfectly normal, but it's important that your girls remember how lucky they are to have each other when things heat up. 

Going in to depth about how they cheer you up, protect you from 'big tigers' and are always up for a naughty midnight feast when you can't sleep, this book is a great way of teaching both ages how to appreciate what they do for each other. 

With beautifully drawn full colour pages, the story is a series of rhymes transformed in to an informative and moral-focused tale.

What Can I Put On My Book? 

Personalise it with the name of your child in up to 10 characters and a message in up to 80 characters. 

Details: Available in soft-back and hardback. 
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