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Personalised Bottoms Up Beer Glass

Product Description
Come Friday afternoon, when beer o'clock comes around, a trip to the pub for a few is usually on the cards, right? And who can resist?! When you finally feel that ice cold bottle, the hiss of the air as the lid flicks off and the resounding 'Aaah!' that echoes around the pub! It's surely the best time of the day...

Yet how come the minute you grab that bottle and you're challenged to a downing duel with Stu from IT, the excitement and anticipation of being crowned champion get's all too much. You get hot under the collar, palms start clamming up, which only means that the challenge is made all the harder - because who likes drinking warm beer?!     

Our personalised beer glass is the answer to your lukewarm lager prayers! With a double wall of glass, there's no chance of your hands warming anything up as the inner wall will always stay cool, without any condensation! The glass reads 'Bottoms Up [Name] in a stylish script font and can be personalised with the name of your contender. 

Made from hand-blown durable glass and finished with an upside down beer bottle in the base so, you can ensure you stay one step ahead of the game next time you crack open a cold one. 

On your marks...

What Can I Put On My Beer Glass?

Personalise it with the name you wish to appear, using up to 12 characters.

Use our innovative preview feature to see how your personalisation will look. Simply enter the name  you wish to appear and press the Preview button. 

Dimensions: Height: 17.5cm, Diameter: 8.5cm

Material: Hand-blown borosilicate glass 

Capacity: 400ml

Weight: 0.5kg
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